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Sicula Sea Service is a specialized company in underwater and maritime works. We work both in Italy and abroad even in collaboration with other companies.

  • Professionalism.
  • Passion for our job.
  • Experienced staff.


Our main

Thanks to our experienced staff
we offer our clients different types of
underwater and maritime works

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Underwater works

We are equipped to perform different types of underwater work safely and carefully.

Maritime works

We can perform professional maritime work thanks to our experience in the field.

Salvage operation

Our team is trained to operate underwater during salvage operations.

Bottom cleaning

We own special equipment in order to perform underwater bottom cleaning.

Why Choose Us

Our clients know the commitment and passion with which we carry out our work and choose us for the quality of our services.

Experienced staff

Our team consists of certified personnel.

Professional equipments

We own different types of professional equipments.

Experience in the field

We can demonstrate our competency through the work carried out.

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